28th February 2018

HR Audits

In today’s competitive market, organisations cannot afford to forego conducting an HR audit. HR audits can focus on staffing, regulatory compliance, cost savings, organisational objectives or other human resources issues. Human resources audits should be performed regularly to avoid costly legal disputes and fines. These HR audits and HR assessments are particularly valuable after significant changes in an organisation such as a restructuring, an expansion or a reduction in employee numbers.

Our team of HR consultants has decades of HR experience and is an objective third party when reviewing an organisation’s HR policies and practices to determine whether they are providing optimal support. Our comprehensive HR assessment and cost-benefit analysis of HR strategies is followed by recommendations for improvement and a prioritised plan for implementation.

Our team will:

• Assess whether your organisation is in compliance with current Irish employment legislation

• Compare your organisation’s HR procedures and practices (e.g., benefits and compensation) with those of other successful organisations in the market to help assess competitiveness;

• Evaluate HR processes (e.g., recruitment, performance management and training) to make sure they support your organisation’s business plan; and

• Focus on specific HR functions (e.g., employee handbooks, communications and leadership development and succession planning) to make sure they support your organisation’s short and long term goals.

For more information please contact Robert O’Neill, Account Executive at 01 2166301 / 085 7768833 or email robertoneill@askhrsolutions.com