28 February 2018

Employee Contracts & Handbooks

Employment Contracts
Every employee is entitled to receive, as a minimum, a statement of their main terms of employment within a month of joining your company.  To avoid disputes between you and your employees about the terms and conditions of employment, we will provide you with contracts of employment, making sure you are compliant with the relevant legislation, protecting you and your business from potential conflict.

The Employee Handbook
An employee handbook is a compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions and behavioural expectations that guide employee actions in the particular workplace. Your employee handbook supports the contractual provisions by containing policies that are relevant to your business. This is where you have the opportunity to set out your company’s policies and procedures and provide your employees with appropriate information about how the business operates and the rights that they have under current Irish employment legislation.
We will work with you to establish what policies and information should be contained in your employee handbook, write the handbook for you, guide you in how to apply your policies and help you to communicate them effectively to your employees.

For more information please contact Robert O’Neill, Account Executive on 01 2166301 / 085 7768833 or email: robertoneill@askhrsolutions.com